Archive - October, 2009

New audio player for H3O Tracks

28 October 2009 by , No Comments

Check out the new look music page. No more messing around with quicktime for all you PC types. Should also make it much easier for us to add new tracks both for streaming and download.

Forenzics T-Shirts for Sale on Red Bubble

28 October 2009 by , No Comments

Four new T-Shirt designs are available for purchase through our redbubble shop or on the shop page of this website. You can pick almost any colour and 4 different styles – standard, long sleeve, v-neck and fitted. Check ‘em out. From A$30.

New Mailing List Widget on the Contact Page

28 October 2009 by , No Comments

Forenzics finally has a proper mailing list running through our reverb nation site. Go to the contacts page and sign up! We’ll be offering exclusive downloads and streaming to folks who sign up in the near future.