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Static and Silence mixed, mastered and ready to roll real soon!

30 December 2009 by , No Comments

Sneak peek at the new cover artwork featuring the work of guitarist Dirk Kruithof.

At long last Static and Silence is finished! Pretty much ready to go – artwork is also done and we’ll be uploading to itunes etc shortly ready for the release early next year. Exact date to be confirmed. Once again Jorden Brebach and William Bowden have helped us create a record that sounds fantastic, full and sonically rich.

New audio player for H3O Tracks

28 October 2009 by , No Comments

Check out the new look music page. No more messing around with quicktime for all you PC types. Should also make it much easier for us to add new tracks both for streaming and download.

Mixing static and silence… at last

21 September 2009 by , No Comments

An intent Jorden Brebach during our mixing session in the Orange Room on Saturday.

We’ve finally managed to nail down the incredibly busy Jorden Brebach to begin mixing our second album. We’re almost half way through the 5 track CD which is almost certainly to be titled Static and Silence. Some teaser tracks to come in the next few weeks…

The difficult second album

7 June 2009 by , No Comments

I don’t think the problems we are having finalizing ours are what most people mean when they talk about the difficult second album. Playing completely free and being open to whatever develops musically, we are not really trying to outdo what we achieved in our first one, or concerned about it being the same but different. For us it’s a different day with a different drummer so there’s a different outcome. So far so good!

The main problem we do have is trying to make sense of the huge 3.5 hours of music we recorded with Evan back in January. It doesn’t sound like that much but believe me it is…. Want to listen through the whole session twice? That’s the best part of a working day right there! As you can imagine it’s really hard to stay objective and even remember the stuff you liked over that time period . Because of all this we weren’t really getting anywhere individually so we spent a big chunk of today going over it together. We’ve now got some clarity about what to include – or at least what not to include.

The second problem is that we recorded a really diverse range of stuff that day; from very minimal almost electronic and static sounding textures, to quite massive sounding weird art rock, plus much that lies between the two. Bringing all this together in one album, plus combining 5 minute pop songs (not literally, you’ll not be hearing us on 2day fm anytime soon…) with 20 minute soundscapes is proving much harder that we thought. And we haven’t even started to mix it yet…

We’ll keep you posted.

H3o available for download

30 April 2009 by , No Comments

Forenzics debut album H3O is finally available for download from itunes. The other sites came online quicker but as itunes is the most widely used by everyone we held off announcing availability till then. You can also purchase it from emusic, amazon, napster and rhapsody. Go to the shop page for more info.

H3O reviewed by cyclic defrost

2 April 2009 by , No Comments

Cyclic Defrost gave H3O the once over. Here’s an excerpt:

Forenzics appeals to a tuned ear, one familiar to the art rock world, high on minimalism, completely rebelling against the structured codes that their chosen instruments lend, yet succinctly reveling in their wielding. Providing powerful new landscapes of sound, abstracted estranged music that is becoming uncannily familiar and growing fonder in the ear of this ‘noise’ avoider.

Check out the complete review at http://www.cyclicdefrost.com/blog/?p=3012

H30 Released

1 February 2009 by , No Comments

Cover Art for H30. Concept, design and photography by Matthew Syres.

Forenzics are proud to release their self-funded debut album ‘H3O’, an hour-long spontaneous piece of music recorded in one complete take on 8th October 2007. Mixed by Jorden Brebach and mastered by William Bowden.

H3O is a semi-abstract liquid sound world that touches on psychedelia, ambience, art-rock and noise. The band features guitarists Matthew Syres and Dirk Kruithof who, with drummer Ben Eadie, create hypnotic and slowly building currents of sound, from turbulently disruptive noise to serenely calm minimalist textures.

The two guitarists have distinctly different playing approaches; creating a wide array of textures through the use of effects, non-standard tunings and found objects. The music moves from a very electronic sound palette all the way through to unabashed power trio rock sounds.

Rather than an ‘anything goes’ aesthetic of some free music the album has an internal logic and continuity; a group-sound arrived at through playing together over a number of years, and a loose conceptual sonic theme based around water.

Coming soon to itunes, amazon and other online sources.

Recording for Second Album

7 January 2009 by , No Comments

Still from the recording session 7th January 2009 featuring Dirk Kruithof on guitar and vox.

Forenzics begin recording their second album, working once again with studio whizz Jorden Brebach at Sound Level Studios, Ultimo, Sydney.