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Welcome to the Brand New Forenzics Blog

20 March 2011 by , No Comments

My apologies if you’ve been trying to access forenzics.net today, I had some issues linking this new blog to the also brand new Forenzics site. I’ll hopefully resolve these issues in the next couple of days but for now you’ll have to make do with this blog. Click on the links to the right to access all our content; music on bandcamp, video’s on vimeo, images on flickr, news on twitter etc. I will be bringing all this content together again in a new forenzics.net site – I just need to work out some of the web tech stuff that I am (obviously) crap at.

This new blog does allow us to have posts by the other members of Forenzics now, and is also comment enabled should you feel the urge to engage us outside of the realms of facebook. Give it a few days, then feel free to let us know what you think of the new blog and site design, features, function or whatever.

Problems with this new fangled electric internet thingy

29 June 2009 by , No Comments

Updating the blog is all very well but I realize that actually uploading the pages is the largely vital part of the process that I’ve been very slack about.

Hence the swag of new posts going back a ways. Will try to keep things more up to date…

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