Malign Album

Forenzics New Studio Album ‘Malign’  Released on the 6th March 2015

Forenzics are proud to announce the release of our fourth studio album ‘Malign’ on the 6th March 2015.

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The album was recorded completely live, without overdubs, edits or preconceived music over the space of one day on the 15th June 2012. It features drummer John Wilton, whose subtle yet fiery approach lends the eight tracks of darkly sublime and textured improvisations an openness, clarity and purposefulness previously unmatched in our studio recordings.

Where previous album ‘Build Ruins’ (released via ‘New Weird Australia’ in 2011) was noisy, chaotic, electronic and dense, ‘Malign’ is subtle and bewitching, spacious, otherworldly and surprisingly listenable whilst still maintaining the band’s signature dark and atmospheric sound.

Available now as a CD or Digital Album from our bandcamp page.

Malign Album Launch Tour

We also embarked on a mini tour in 2015 to support this album, playing 1/4 Inch at Rad Bar in Wollongong on the 3rd March, The Record Crate in Glebe on the 6th March and Make It Up Club at Bar Open in Melbourne on the 10th March, our first ever trip interstate.  We took a slightly improvised line-up to each venue but with Dirk Kruithof and Matthew Syres always on guitars, and Shahane Bekarian’s (RedCell Disorder’s) signature large scale projections each show became a stunning, cinematic, synaesthetic journey down the rabbit warren. More details of the tour below.

3rd March 2015 – 1/4 Inch at Rad Bar, 95A Crown Street, Wollongong, NSW, 3rd March 2015, 8.15pm, $5 Entry.

Our Wollongong launch was at the highly regarded 1/4 Inch, a Wollongong based performance series devoted to experimentation in sound & the moving image, presented at Rad Bar.  Forenzics line featured Matthew Syres and Dirk Kruithof on guitars, special guest Joe Manton on electronics, and Shahane Bekarian on projections.

We  supported French/Cambodian musician LAFIDKI, a sound and vision artist who brings a unique sense of abstract electronics, energy and joy to his deeply experimental psychedelic noise.

6th March 2015 –  The Record Crate, 34 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, NSW, , 8.00pm, $10 Entry.

Our Sydney launch was at The Record Crate in Glebe, Sydney’s unofficial home of outsider music and arts, on the 6th March 2015.  Our line up featured Matthew Syres and Dirk Kruithof on guitars, Joe Cummins on trumpet and electronics, Evan McGregor on drums, and Shahane Bekarian on projections.

Special guest for the evening was be Elsen Price, improvising on solo double bass.  Elsen has shared the stage with such notable performers as Mike Patton, Lee Ranaldo, Steve Hunter and Bobby Singh as well as performing solo improvisations.

10th March 2015 –  Make It Up Club at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, Melbourne, VIC, , 8.30pm, $5/10 Entry.

Our Melbourne launch was at the legendary Make It Up Club, a long running improvised music series, at Bar Open, Melbourne on the 10th March 2015.  At this, our first ever show in Melbourne, the band’s lineup featured Matthew Syres and Dirk Kruithof on guitars, Joe Cummins on trumpet and electronics, special guest Maria Moles on drums, and Shahane Bekarian on projections.

Other acts playing the Make It Up Club was a solo set by Todd Anderson Kunert and a duo comprising Clinton Green and Chun-Liang Liu (Moe Chee).

Reviews for Malign

Experimental music is not supposed to affect one this deeply. But it does. In fact all of Malign does. Yes, like all good modern art it asks to be listened to on its own terms. Yet it does not push away but creates a place for the listener to go and to explore as it happens. Unlike too much ‘experimental’ music, it includes; it does not exclude.

John Hardaker  – The Orange Press 27/02/2015

…Malign is a beautifully coherent album, its eight tracks sensitively paced and remarkably consistent in some structural respects, while the musicians play skilfully with the resources available to them within the frame. The electronics give a splendid weight and orchestral resource to what otherwise might be a somewhat transparent ensemble, yet the sound has been recorded and mixed very well to retain a very satisfying clarity.  John Wilton’s drumming (here using a standard kit, nothing too exotic) is elegant and original, full of subtlety that is especially valuable in some of the more abstract moments, such as the quiet clatter of rims and wood on the opening track ‘A Dusk Service/Sun Checks’ or the brilliantly skittering ‘Acid Nekk’.  At other times, as in the eerie ‘The Song Games’, he works with ironically trad beats, giving high-toned cymbal-driven commentary to the rather sinister melodic lines of mysteriously proliferating trumpets… Malign is an album of intelligent, stylish music, and Forenzics are certainly a group to keep an ear out for in the future.

Alistair Noble – The Music Trust 01/03/2015

The garbled numbness of “Hyponagogic” and the disquieting emptiness of “New Ambient Dark Matter” close this convincing release by this Australian fourtet, who includes Supersilent, John Hassell, early Sonic Youth, Necks – their brilliant compatriots -, Tortoise, Demlike Stare and two masterpieces by Miles Davis (“Bitches Brew” and “In A Silent Way”) as possible musical references.

Vito Camarretta – Chain D.L.K.  18/03/2015

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